Native American pottery is our inspiration for a pot made out of air dried red clay.  Using the coil method the pot that we make will have the influence of the techniques used by Native Americans in style shape and design.  We will use a white paint to paint a band on the pot and scratch in designs(a technique called sgrafitto))

Out of white air dry clay, we will construct an animal using a pinch pot method.  This will be painted with watercolors. A slide show of animal sculptures will be shown to understand moving  or dynamic poses instead of a static pose.  . Animal can be real or fantasy. We will use water to add pieces together.

We will also make stamps and rollers to be used in future projects.

Clay wood and wire assemblage  Using Picasso and other assemblage artists as inspiration,  we will talk about picking a theme or a story for our sculpture.  We will write out or draw several ideas.  once an idea is decided, the main objects will be made out of white or red air dry clay.  We will use a slab method to make our shapes and decorate them with the stamps and rollers that we previously made.  Each shape will have a section of wire inserted inside.  when dry, the next day, we will paint with the watercolors.

Our last project will be made out of firing clay.  We will look at cups and mug styles and learn how to create a mug that we can drink out of after it is fired.  Scratching in designs, using our stamps, or applique clay shapes onto the mug.  This will be returned to it’s plastic bag and brought back to the workshop for firing.

Tie dye t-shirt