Testimonials: Student and Parent Feedback

Have you been to The Art Workshop Inc. in Hyde Park? Our contributor Andi recently got to experience the creative magic that is the Art Workshop.If you have a child who enjoys art (or if YOU enjoy art) you will want to check out this review and a class for yourself! “Getting Our Art On” at the Art Workshop READ REVIEW


I’m so impressed by how far our daughter has come in the short time she’s been with you!  She loves the classes and told me she doesn’t want to stop whether she gets into SCPA or not.

Katy Woodall

October 2015

Our daughter attended art/clay camp last week and loved it. From what she talked about the structure and autonomy your camp provided was greatly appreciated- she even started spray painting on her own. She has really taken to that media: garbage cans, paper, anything she can get her hands on that we let her paint- thanks for that exposure!

Jeff Rhein

October 2015

Mrs. K, Thank you for sharing your gifts so that we may perfect ours.

Caleb Halter

I strongly believe that creativity is one of the most important influences for children and young adults.  Schools to often don’t fully embrace creativity and often tend to smother it. The Art Workshop fills this gap, and allows for kids to simply be creative. Most art classes in traditional schools are extremely limited and only allow a brief experience of art, theater & music programs.  Nancy has taught me art concepts and techniques that I would never have been able to learn from my school art class.  She tailors projects to a kid’s ability and personal interests and gives them the freedom to choose.  She develops a personal connection with her students. Compared to other art camps that I have attended, The Art Workshop is by far my favorite. Unlike other art camps, a session can be repeated many times and those students will only improve their talents. I spent my whole summer at The Art Workshop each day presented with a new artistic adventure. I have not only learned how to create art but, though these classes, I have developed a great respect for art. No longer am I tugging on my Mother’s hand out of boredom at art museums, but rather my Mother is becoming the one that gets tired of me staring at paintings and sculptures for too long.

Johanna Engebrecht

March 2014

Nani and Julianna had a wonderful and memorable time. Thank you, Nancy; thank you, Ryan and thanks to everyone who works so hard to make our children’s lives richer in every way!

Christina Tenhundfeld

December 2013

I had always planned to give my children an art education. Studies show that children who do art learn to think about problems in a different way. Art is a wonderful way to express oneself. We know all these things, yet when it comes to squeezing real art education into our days we fall short. All four of my children have learned the basic vocabulary of art, studied art history, learned many techniques and methods in drawing, painting, printing, clay and sculpture, and just generally learned to create. If you are looking for a place for your child to study art in a meaningful way, a place where he will actually learn about art and art history, then The Art Workshop is for you.

Deb and Scott Liston

June 2013

I love Nancy Kopp. I learned manners and art from her; both have made me a successful business owner.

Brian Greenwood

September 2011