Pet Boutique Virtual Camp is a favorite camp at the Art Workshop!  We have seen many animals created as pets not just dogs and cats.  There have been octopuses, flamingos, monkeys, and alligators.  What will your pet be?  In this fun camp we will create our very own fantasy pet that no one in your house will be allergic to!  First we will create a maquette (model) of our sculpture out of air dried clay.  Then we will construct our pet out of recycled materials (cardboard tubes, newspaper) and  paper mache and paint it.   An option is  covering it with patterned paper.  After we make him or her you will need to name your pet for the identification tag.  And we will create a bed for our pet, a collar and a portrait of  him.  This kit will contain air dry clay,  wrapping paper, cardboard tubes, felt or fabric, batting, beads, yarn, masking tape and acrylic paint.  And of course a t-shirt to reverse tie dye. 


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