Painting, Printing and Batik

What is it about painting that just mesmerizes kids? Is it the myriad of colors? The creamy texture? Or just the fact that you are creating something right before your eyes that is amazing! There is no doubt about it. Kids love to paint. Bring out the paint and the classroom falls silent.The problem is, most kids don’t get enough of this rich tactile and visual experience. But they will here!  That’s just one reason why this camp is so awesome!   We are adding printmaking and batik to our week of colorful fun.

August 3-August 7   10:00am- 12:30pm  ages 6 and up

August 3- August 7      1:30pm-4:00pm  Ages 9 and up

Combine with another camp – $325  Combine with Pottery Wheel Camp- $345

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