Let’s paint the day away this week!  Who doesn’t love to paint?  You will be using lots of color and having lots of fun!  Your supply kit will include watercolor and acrylic paint, canvases, special paper and brushes.  We will give you lessons that explore mixing colors and using tinting and shading.  Also included will be ways to use your brush to get special effects while painting.  Our subjects will be landscapes, self portrait,  animals and abstract expressionism.  And our artist inspirations are Kandinsky, Leslie Weaver, Matisse and a period of art history called the Fauves. (Fauve means “wild beast” ) This group of artists were nicknamed Fauves because of their wild use of color!

Paint the Day Away will incorporate art movements and styles to create paintings that are fun and different.  Students 6 and up will step into Wassily Kandinsky’s world with an abstract watercolor using paint and stamping.  They use “wild colors” to paint an animal after being inspired by artwork from the Fauvist art movement.  Using the camera lens on their device or a mirror, students will create a moody modern day self portrait.  And they will learn to use their brush and paint in new ways.  This supply kit contains, watercolor paint, brushes, acrylic paint, canvas, watercolor paper, wax crayon, sponge and stamping too.  You will have so much fun!