Freestyle allows you to choose your own subject and the way that you want to make art!  You can concentrate on one big project for the week or do a different one every day!  The choice is up to you!   

Can’t attend camp on your favorite week of the summer-Pet Boutique?  Come to Freestyle instead and make your own pet there!

On day one of camp, we will make a list of things that you’d like to do during the week.  Each day when you come into camp, you will start something new or continue working on the project that you started the day before

Because of Covid 19 restrictions we have restructured this camp to include a variety of choices but the students will not be able to travel around the class room as in past years.  There will be a set day for 2-d work and a set day for 3-d work

 Clay is hand building with clay.  Pots, bowls, boxes or sculpture (Example above, fake food, clay castle and dragon)

 2-Dimensional is drawing, painting, collage, and printing  (Example above, still life drawing, fantasy painting)

 3- Dimensional is wood, wire, felting weaving and papier mache 

Try Freestyle this summer and do the project that you’ve always wanted to do!

June 29 -July 3                 1:30pm-4:00pm

July 20- July 24               1:30pm-4:00pm  

August 10-August 14   1:30pm- 4:00pm

Combine with another camp for $325     Combine with Pottery Wheel camp – $345



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