Draw Anything! – Ages 6 Years and Up


Love to draw and want to get better at it?

Learn how to draw things in proportion, how to show distance, how to draw people and experiment with different drawing materials. Observation and imaginative drawings will be explored.  We will even make a portfolio for you to keep all of your drawings and supply you with a set of drawing pencils.  By the end of this camp you will have the drawing tools that you need  to become a better artist.  (Advanced drawing class will include concepts such as perspective and shading.)


Draw Anything Virtual Camp is a beginning drawing course designed to take your child’s imagination on a wild ride, get them to draw what they see,  try different materials and create a party with some cool people stencils. Ages 6 and up will enjoy many supplies including oil pastels, stencils, a still life, black paper, white paper and  a new set of markers.  And they will make a portfolio to keep all of their drawings in!



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