Advanced Clay Hand Building


Advanced Clay Hand Building Virtual Camp is for the student who has done clay projects before and wants the challenge to create more complicated and diverse artwork form clay.  Using Pop Art as an inspiration, students will create a fake food sculpture out of air dried clay.  This will be painted with acrylic paint to make it seem realistic.  The coil method will be the technique used for our crazy coil pot.  This pot will have a theme which we will show you can be incorporated right into your pot!  This  project will also be made of air dried clay.  Taking 2 days and using firing clay, the student will create a birdhouse.  This will be returned to the Workshop for firing when construction is completed.  This supply kit contains air dry clay for 2 projects, acrylic paint, brush, firing clay, clay tools, red air dry clay, and Foil. Combine hand building techniques to create complicated sculptures, teapots, boxes, or just about anything that you can imagine. Of course, a t-shirt is included for you to reverse tie dye which you will love!