Big Changes Happening in 2022


January 2022 will be a time for exciting new beginnings. Both for owner/teacher Nancy Kopp and the Art Workshop. After 35+ years of teaching, Ms Nancy/Ms K will be retiring. “It has been a joy and privilege to teach so many wonderful students through the years. Many have gone on to become art teachers or artists themselves. While the majority, I hope, have a love and appreciation of art that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.”

Nancy plans to hang out with her partner, Roger and their two dogs at their pond house near Winton Woods. She would love to volunteer more. And ofcourse do more of her own art. After just coming back from a  2 week trip to Italy, (a life long dream come true), Nancy has gotten bit by the traveling bug.  She can’t wait to plan her next trip . 

Although leaving the Workshop is difficult for Nancy, she feels it will be in good hands at the management of Queen City Clay. Many of the same classes and teachers will remain with the studio and there will be some new and exciting additions. Summer camp will be structured very similar to previous years. Very little will change. Rest assured, QCC is committed to bringing you the same high quality classes and camps that you are used to at the Art Workshop.


Queen City Clay is currently working to get Winter  classes online. We are striving to make this as seamless of a transition as possible for you, our clients. Look for the Winter class schedule to be online by December 10 and Summer camps will be ready for you to signup in January as usual.




Our Wasson Rd.  building is being torn down to build condos so we have found a much bigger and better place.  The facility will have all of the great features that Queen City Clay has had in the past, including our kid’s studio , but with waaaaay more space.  Located just south of Pleasant Ridge, in Norwood, this 50,000 square foot building has 3 times more space than our old location providing us with lots of room to grow. Please stop by and check us out!  Our kids studio is on the lower level.  When searching on Google or Waze for our location, please put in the zip code as there are many Highland Avenues in Cincinnati.  And you could be routed downtown instead of Norwood!






Covid -19 Policies

Covid -19 Policies

We will be following the Ohio issued guidelines for Schools

  • Class sizes are reduced to 9 in the classroom and 6 in the pottery wheel studio.  This was the recommendation for our space.  All children and teachers will wear a mask at all times.
  • Children will be seated 6 feet apart and will need to remain seated throughout the class. Students will not be permitted to walk around. If you KNOW that your child can not remain seated for 1 hour or will not wear a mask voluntarily, please do not send them to our studio. We will have a zero tolerance for breaking these rules. And the student will be asked to leave the class without a refund possibility. Please understand, this is for everyone’s safety.
  • We are offering virtual art lessons as an alternative to physically sitting in the class.
  • Each student will be given their own supplies to use during the class.   We are requesting students bring a shoe box or a plastic container for this purpose.
  • When a student leaves for the day, the table and chair will be sanitized by the teacher.
  • We will not be using aprons, so campers are encouraged to wear old cloths.
  • Students will be required to wear a mask in the main studio for pottery wheel. All wheels are 6 feet apart and spread out among 2 rooms. There will be reduced class size to 6 students.  Again, supplies will not be shared. Each person will have their own set of tools, sponge and towel for the week. It will be up to them to keep them clean. There will be a thorough sanitizing process after a student leaves the wheel. As usual, the campers will clean their area and then the teacher will do the sanitizing process. We will make every effort to keep students 6 feet apart while they are watching the instructor.
  • Teachers will always wear a mask when close to the children.
  • We will have sanitizers on each table for the students use.
  • Your child’s temperature will be taken upon entering the classroom each time.

Regretfully, we must suspend classes for the rest of this year for our 3, 4 and 5 year old students.  We do not believe that it is possible to keep them truly safe in our environment.

The same is true for birthday parties and girl scout outings.  They are being suspended until 2021.

This is a hugely different kind of experience than everyone is used to at the Art Workshop. But we will do our best to conduct fun classes in the safest way possible.