Video Game Stars

Your “screen time” is limited to 2 hours a day.  What’s a gamer going to do?

You’ve chased them. You’ve caught them. You’ve collected them. BUT have you made one yet? You know that we are talking about Pokemon’s right?  Those fantastical creatures that are awesomely weird and have super powers.
But let’s not forget about gaming favorites like Zelda and Super Mario.  Playing the games is fun.  But creating the characters is awesome!

During this camp, we will make 3-D versions of your favorites, in clay and paper mache. We will also create your own original character and give him or her abilities to play in your own unique game.  Work by yourself or with a friend to make up an original game.
We will also make our own trading cards in this camp. So what are you waiting for? Go! Sign up now!


June 18-22

Ages 6 and up-1:30-4:00pm

One half day camp $175 

Combine with another camp for a full day $325

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